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Therefore, the beginning of the year will be extremely favorable for you. There is unusual warmth and coziness in relationships with parents and other family members. Horoscope Explorer was added to VIPfileFinder this week and last updated on 07-Mar-2015. As a hobby in fiction, crossword puzzle solving shows that the character is intelligent and good with words--or wants people around him to think he is. Jupiter in Leo trines Uranus in Aries on March 3rd and again on June 22nd 2015, creating an accelerated period Those born between January 31, 1976 and February 17, 1977 are members of the Fire Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign. Travolta is on the list to play the part of the Mafia boss John Gotti. Meanwhile, fires zest for life where combined with airs playfulness can result in great times together. Are you curious to know more about your love life? Considering how the other person might receive what you have to say really makes all the difference in the world. Diana's Monthly Scorpio Forecast for April 2015. Your zodiac horoscope by ganesha 2012 5152 views. 2009 Chinese Zodiacs for The Year of The Ox.